SF October 2019

TUESDAY, October 29

Last day in the city. We've been to the SF MoMa - a must every time. If you happen to be around, go. The Museum itself is an icon, not to mention the mind blowing collection. Plus - the JR show is simply amazing!

Three and a half weeks flew by as nothing, and still it feels like being forever. San Francisco - you've been treating me well. See you in 2020.
Love, Christian

SATURDAY, October 26

I've been offline for a bit - "The Misses" is in town. I am happy and glad to have her around and to show her "my SF". We've been at The Drawing Room Opening, also to BRYANT Studios, to Zoe's open studios. We Walked around the neighborhood, took the MUNI all the way down to Ocean Beach, she had a run down by the piers... so many things and still enjoying our time together.

Here's some pics from the last days. More to come when there's time to write. One love...

Port of San Francisco. Pic taken from Pier 1 - while Annette
had a 11 km run.

Three of my pieces being on display at the "Drawing Room"

Here's the collaboration piece Zoe and I did the last days. We both like it a lot.

WEDNESDAY, October 23

I painted another mural already. Well, it's a small one. More of a shop front. My friend Renee DeCarlo (who also runs the Drawing Room on 3262 23rd. St/Mission) asked me if I would please do it - so I did. Left another (quick) mark in SF. She loves it and I am quite happy with it too. Painted it like a real mural, but just in small size. Challenging somehow. Photos to come soon.
The Drawing Room will be part of SF Open Studios this weekend and some of my drawings will be on display as well. Opening is Friday, October 25th. 5-9pm. If you happen to be in the area - come by.

TUESDAY, October 22

I cant believe it's my last week already. Feels like I've been in SF forever, but also time flew by... Crazy shit.

Great day today - started pretty chilled. I met my friend Jeremy Fish for coffee in North Beach. We had a great time, some good laughs and - well, coffee. After that we went to his amazing studio. Great space, great art, great guy.

Two old guys having fun / looking stoopid. Great day!

After that I met my friend Doug Smith for lunch. He drove to the city from Oakland just to catch up with me. Thanks, bro! Great to see you. Good sunny day. What a life I have....;)

Selfies suck, so let's do some. Who cares...;)

MONDAY, October 21

We went to the Midway yesterday to take some final shots of the wall. Super sketchy being in the middle of the road on a scissor lift like 8 meters up in the air. My knees are still shaking... Here are some - still not final - pics of that. Just to show the sketchiness and - of course - the size of the mural.

Little me.

The whole mural. About 18-20 meters wide...

My knees are still shakin'

And at night we (Tim and I) had a super short session at that parking lot spot down by the beach. We got kicked out by a police officer after a few minutes. But only for capturing the light - it was worth it!

SUNDAY, October 20

I had an amazing day with my good friend and fellow artist Jen Props yesterday. We drove up to Sonoma County for some beautiful nature breeze and after that went to her studio. We worked on this collaboration piece - came out great I'd say. What a great day!

Anti Hipster Demo the other way. Just a block away from where I stay.

SATURDAY, October 19

I've been "offline" for a while and painting. The last three days were spent painting murals at The Midway SF. I started this huge mural last year in December, but because of rain, no lift and very little time I had to rush it. So I took the chance to spend some solid three days working on it this time again. Thanks to everybody at The Midway SF for the support on this one. I got some proper scissor lift, great catering and perfect weather conditions. Here are some work-in-progress shots. Final pictures will come soon! I promise!

WEDNESDAY, October 16

Okay, I am heading to The Midway soon to work on my mural on Illinois/Marin for the next three days. Looking forward to it. Pictures soon to come.

Met Joel for dinner yesterday as well - gawd, these days are packed. Always good to see this fella. Artist, surfer, family man and an all in all full package. Good brother!

Mission classic! Picture perfect!

JOEL Meija. Good brother!

TUESDAY, October 15

Been invited for dinner by Kelli and Jason and met some of their friends. Was super nice and interesting. Seeing what moves people with kids in this city and been talking tons about life, art, politics... I didn't take pictures - felt inappropriate. Jason gave me a screenprint of his work. He's an amazing artist, illustrator and muralist and I am sure you've seen his work anyways. Here's his website to see more of it: http://www.jasonjagel.com

At night I met my buddy Tim and we went to the WOODEN NICKEL to see the KROOKED video part premiere of Eddie Cernicky. Place was packed and the part is a full banger. Look it up for yourself!

MONDAY, October 14

First week is over. Time is flying here...

I took a nice bike ride to Hunters Point and the Dogpatch yesterday. I will work on "my" mural at the Midway again later this week and had an appointment upfront - to talk details before I actually start painting this Wednesday. This time in the bright SF sun, without all the rain and cold, grey sky. Plus - with a proper scissor lift instead of a shakey scaffold... Looking forward to it.

Always happy to have my 1972 Schwinn Roadbike here in the city...

Been to SF Open Studios yesterday at Hunters Point to see tons of pretty amazing art.
And - to meet my friend and fellow artist Elvira Dayel at her (somehow) new studio there. We met one or two years ago and stayed in touch. Super fun and her art is amazing.
Check out: https://www.elviradayel.com

SUNDAY, October 13 already. So many things happened.

Went to my friend Jen Prop's studio in Oakland yesterday to check out some more of her artwork. Jen and I are friends since about almost 15 years or so. So good to meet up with her whenever possible.
And yes, that's a deerBLN t-shirt she's wearing...;))) Check out her work here: http://www.jenprops.com/

This is not third world - this is Oakland, California. This is no scrap yard. People live in these - slums right beside the streets. California homeless situation in "the richest country" of the world... What a shame.

Stopped at the Halfmoon Bay miniramp to see if it's still there - well, so sad to see it rot... Barely skate-able anymore. The worn out stickers (notice the Fuck Racism) tell from better times.

I took a slow ride back from Big Sur to SF on the PCH a.k.a. Interstate 1. So beautiful. I stopped several times to realize the beauty of the Pacific Coast.

...VW Jetta. The smallest car I could rent... Murricaaa!

Here are some pics from the wedding. Beautiful and a very small circle of friends were invited. makes me being thankful and shy to called "family" by Gina and Matt. What a wonderful loving couple!

My buddy "Z" took some mugshots of me this week. He's a gifted photographer - living in SF, a husband and father of two, surfer and skateboarder and an all in all good guy. Check out his work here: https://www.mlika.us

THURSDAY morning, October 10, 7am

I will be out soon to drive down to Big Sur for Matt & Gina's wedding today
until tomorrow. Looking forward to it!
Pics soon.

And a third drawing of these:


I did another one of these drawings on grey cardboard. A few more to follow I guess...

WEDNESDAY morning, October 9, 2019

I finally found the time to upload some pics here.
Met Julia first time in Shanghai and now in SF this Monday.
Small world.

At least we catched up for dinner and a long night walk
through Mission. She's flying back to China today.

Met Z as well. We'll head over to his studio soon for some mugshots and such.
Then I have to get a car for Big Sur tomorrow... More to come.

Finally started to draw the city...

TUESDAY, October 8, 2019.

Second day in the city. Just arrived last Sunday. Still adjusting to SF time.
Will post a few pictures and such the next days. Sunshine, heatwave...