SF / Fall 2016

Saturday / October / 22

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Just arrived yesterday. Always good to be back in the city. It's raw beauty and the light! This light here is so unique and so is the architecture, the air (yes - sometimes the urine and mold as well....).
And - it is always great to meet my friends from the bay area. Never counted my visits, but this must be at least number 15?

Might sound a bit silly, but it somehow is "Home away from home".

Yay - back again. Well - despite the pictograms weird right arm thing...

This pic:
I ordered a special meal on the plane / They shortened my last name and called me (pronounced) "Mr. Rotten?"
Well, Punk's not dead.

Beauty and sadness right next to each other. SF.
This raw and beautiful city is so sadly gentrifying with light speed.
Look at this burned house up there. Gentrification SF-style / a.k.a "warm remodeling" Very sad...

Fell asleep around 8:00pm / Oh lord. But hey, this is why I am up quite early today. Sunday morning. Sun is shining - still a bit chilly and quiet. I love this.

Got my bike again. Thanks Zoe and Erin for taking care of it. Yay.
Sunday / October / 23

Been down at the dogpatch for SF Open Studios. Met my friend Zoe Ani at her studio. You should definitely check out her wonderful work if you have the chance. Erin an Debra were there as well. So good to see my SF friends and their work! So much goodness!

Need I say more? I love this city. Period!

Set up a workplace and started some drawings. More to come.
Monday / Tuesday / Oct 24, 25

My buddy Hans from Berlin is in town with his family and I showed them around a bit. From "best burrito to Mission artwalk to gallery check-out at Luna Rienne. We had some good time!

I finished the first drawing yesterday. Sf was a little chilly and rainy - so I took that time to draw a bit more.

Pretty view from MUNI...

Wednesdy, October, 26

Been biking the whole city yesterday. Including a great ride through Golden Gate Park.
Took my buddy Hans (and his fam) on a bike ride and showed them some good spots.

The light / the birds / the architecture. Love.

Thursday, October 27

Today was kinda chilled. Went for a walk with my friend Mia. Had lunch together. Went for another walk after words. Finished the second drawing.

And at night I met my buddy Hans again. Went to the El Rio to see some live bands play. Fun - while it was raining, raining and raining outside.

Friday, October 28

Yesterday was super fun. I first met Betty, a curator and friend at Daylighted studio to check out their work and concept and screens and all. Daylighted seems to be a well thought through and super fun project. I am really looking forward working with them. Thanks.

After that I met my friend Jen at Timbuk2. We took BART to Oakland to see Alison and Nick for Alisons birthday at Drakes. Super fun.

It's abit chilly these days, but California definitely needs some rain. All fine. Awesome to see the blue sky glimpse through...

Saturday / October, 29

Nich (Kunz) told us about this house party with an Mike Kershnar art show and live music at the GROWLERY. Amazing. Tons of skateboardings finest - in session and in person - from Elissa Steamer to Evan Smith playing live bass and singing. All in all a great night!

Sunday, October 30

Snoops came visiting SF. He will stay about a week at my place here.

And - of course - drawing.

Oh, San Francisco - you so pretty!

Tuesday / November 1st. 

Been a bit lazy writing blogs - sorry. We were walking, walking and walking the city. Met tons of peeps for lunch, dinner and coffee and had a great time. 
Did some shopping craze since Snoops is here...

 And finally went to the amazing re-opened MoMa yesterday. More pics to come.

Wednesday, November, 2nd.

We went to the "Day Of The Dead" Procession in the Mission. Amazing! Even though - it was way smaller than (my) last time / about three years ago.  Still, mind blowing, colorful, beautiful, sad and yet political of course!

Not mentioning the wonderful bike rides through the city in the sun before...

No words needed...
Drawing of course. I finished this little piece on wood yesterday. A bit rough all in all, but I like it that way. Kinda like to be limited in utilities and having to deal with the outcome...

Thursday, November, 3rd.

Great news on a side note: I will have a show in the city in 2017. Yay! We just confirmed that - Luna Rienne Gallery. Yess! :)

We went to seveal art happenings, show openings yesterday. First a Daylighted-show at some 70ies kinda look hotel and then to Hashimoto gallery to see the 1010 show there. Nice!

Late night walk home through the TL. Had a great conversation with Ty about old school hip hop, art in general and the roughness and changes of this city.

Sketching before bedtime. Very fast sketch. Drawing studies - it's no secret that I really like pidgeons - even though I don't really draw'em that often...

Friday / November / 4

Damn - time flies. Two weeks went by already. Snoops just left SF today - back to Roseville, to see his mom.

We been to an opening at Public Works / Roll Up gallery yesterday - followed by a nice drawing session at night at the PAISLEY SKATES office / studio with my buddy Matt. Did some fun little collab piece together. Good times.

Rooftop panoramic shot. Damn - pretty SF!

Saturday / November / 5

So much to do. We were invited for lunch at my friends Kelli and Jason. Finally got to see them. Too bad, so briefly. Didn't take photos - just enjoyed the time with friends.

After that - dinner invite with Jen and a whole bunch of people in Oakland. Awesome food, good peeps.
Had a nice night walk through the city afterwords. Left BART a few stops earlier to walk through this beautiful night.

DLXSF - Mecka of earlier skateboarding days.
Still can't just walk by...

Sunday / November / 6

I leave on Tuesday, so I had to prepare a bit. Laundry, meeting Diana for coffee and get a few hours for drawing...

Needs some detailing still. Tomorrow - I hope...

Then - in the evening - I went to an artshow in Noe Valley. My good friend Joel has some of his amazing surfboards in it. So good to see him and his little family. Zoe and Erin came by to see the show as well. Went to dinner afterwords.

You have to love these peeps!

Walked home through the night. Such a wonderful, quiet and pretty city - at night.

Monday / Tuesday / Nov. 7/8

My last day/s in the city. Leaving today.
I met Jen for lunchtime and we drove down to Ocean Beach briefly.

Bye bye, you beautiful city. See you next year.
...packing my stuff. Two hours left before I gotta leave to the airport...