SF/ December 2018

And some first glimpse on the second one. The outside mural at The MIDWAY SF.
More pics and details after all this XMas-craze and when I am back in Berlin. Peace!

Here's some views on "Project One". The (former) Green Room at The Midway SF. Backstage room of the main stage.

After only four weeks in Berlin - I am back "home - away from home". Just one week this time - painting walls again.
Super busy days - so i am afraid to barely have time to write something here.

Monday, Dec. 17/ Early morning.

THIS. Beautiful view from my apartment. 23rd. floor. Above the fog. Amazing. That's what I call a "welcome view!"

SF/ Oct.-Nov. 2018


I can't believe three weeks went by that fast. Sitting here - bags are packed and just have a few hours left for a good coffee at Mission Pie and some good old tacos at Taqueria San Jose - oh, I will miss you, mexican food! 
Will upload some pics soon... There are also a few things still to be uploaded from last week... Peace & love, Christian

MONDAY, Nov. 12

Finished my third (!) mural project while being in SF this time. After painting the ca. 40ft upstairs wall at Public Works and the whole ROLL UP Gallery space I also did the front wall/ mural of Public Works on 161 Erie St. off Mission. Here are some first pics. More and better to come. The wall itself is kind of tricky because of its surface and the doors and all, but there were cars parked in front of it. The air was brown-grey due to the wildfires and - as a cherry on the cake - the trash was picked up during the painting. Well, you'll get an idea at least:

SUNDAY, Nov. 11

Kind of OFF day today. The air quality is really bad - due to the wild fires - so spending time indoors with the windows closed is not a bad idea these days... Been drawing and tried to sleep in to get some rest after constant painting walls.
Here are some pics of the mini drawings I did the last days. There's some more.


Opening yesterday. It was so amazing. The place was packed with wonderful people and the feedback I got left me speechless. Here's a whole bunch of pictures followed by a shakey video I did with my cellphone to make it a bit easier to see the layout of the whole space. Yes - that's a whole bunch of pictures...


Exhausted, but happy. I just finished my installation at ROLL UP Gallery. Four long days of constant work, painting, painting, drawing, painting... installing cables... All done. You should see the width of my grin - while everything hurts. Sleep now - Tomorrow will be the opening.
Here's some glimpse before cleaning everything and setting lights...:


Election day... Still crossing fingers. Learned some things about this really important election. Hope you all voted, my american friends...

Been painting like crazy the last two days. Halftime now for the mural installation at ROLL UP Gallery. Two more days to work on this. Hope to see my SF peeps this Friday at the opening. 

Here's some glimpse of the current state of work/ progress;

SUNDAY, Nov. 4

Today I met Tim again for some chilled bike ride, did the obligatory shopping tour at DLXSF to please myself with some "needed" stuff, like some good ol set of classics in 80HD for cruising around on bumpy surface and such...
After that was invited for dinner at Kelli and Jason's. Yummy food and good talks with friends - followed by a beautiful walk through the night.

My SF ride. I love this bike. 1972 Schwinn roadbike.

That was a chilled weekend.
I did some drawings and worked on the collaborative piece with Zoe...
Been biking the city a lot, no rush. Have been down by the port, had nice walks in the sun by the piers and on Market..., met friends and just all in all had a good time.

This is the collaboration Zoe and I are working on. Process still...

FRIDAY, Nov. 2

We missed the Day Of The Dead procession for a skateboard session at the Halfmoon Bay Miniramp with my buddy Tim yesterday. Super fun.

One Love!

Feeble fakie.

Sun-downer wile skating the minramp/ Ocean Pacific/ California - Perfect!

This beast used to be the old Alameda Halfpipe/ skatepark... abandoned, rough...

This thing must have been a beast to skate. I would have shit my pants only thinking of it...

Tim getting us ready for sesh...


Met my buddy Nich Kunz for lunch today. After that - he took me to SCRAP in the dog patch. Pure Gold.

I finished the first mural yesterday. So much work in quite little time. I am happy with the outcome. Here's some flick I did with my IPhone and a few pics for starters. Yessss...

TUESDAY, Oct. 30

Started this fast collaboration drawing. Now Zoe Ani is taking over to work on this - let's see where that leads to.
Needed some "drawing time" while painting murals all day...

Started this collaboration piece...

This is my little drawing studio space - right in the guest room of Erin and Zoe's.
I am blessed to have friends like this in the city!

MONDAY, Oct. 29

Second day on this mural. 36 feet long plus the corner space.
Tricky on many levels. Details.

SUNDAY, Oct. 28

I started the first mural. About 12 meters/ 36 feet long. Tricky, but super fun.
Here's some glimpse - and I will post the process the next days.


SF Open Studios

My friend Zoe Ani at her open studio.
Great person, amazing artist. 

Jen, Tim and me - doing what we do best - playing stoopid on the elevator.

Zoe's studio.


FRIDAY, Oct. 26

Matze and Nadine are in town until Sunday - so of course we met up and I showed them around a bit.
We've been walking around the neighborhoods, Matze got some new stuff at DLX and we've been up at Waller skate park.
Good food and bar-hopping at night.

El Toro... I will gain weight - love mexican food!

Matze at Waller park

SoMa West skatepark

Ended up at the Dovre...

Just arrived yesterday night. Always great to come back to what I call my "home away from home" now...
This might be something like my 20th. visit already...

The light in the city is simply amazing. Blown away/ every single time.